Great analysis. Bigotry doesn’t require hatred, it just means your group deserves different rights than another regardless of similarities.

“That’s the general pattern of social conservatives and progress: Eventually, progress catches up to them as well, so they can look back and see that the previous revolution in social practices and public morality was justified.”

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The Weekly Sift

Throughout American history, most bigots have been nice folks who had sincere religious reasons for treating other people badly.

Social conservatives were all over the airwaves and print media this week, explaining how and why the battle over marriage equality is not over. The Supreme Court may have spoken, but the other branches of government, they promised, could still step in somehow, if we elect the right people. Or county clerks could just refuse to issue licenses. Or ordinary people could practice civil disobedience in some unspecified way. There are, Glenn Beck has promised us, ten thousand pastors willing to “go to prison or to death” over this issue (though exactly what charges will brought against them or who might try to kill them is a bit vague).

To me, the most revealing moment of this Alamo-like refusal to surrender came when Texas Senator Ted Cruz was interviewed…

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  1. It is long past time that religions not be allowed to take precedence over laws! Religion belongs in places of worship & no place else!
    Marriage is personal & nobody else’s business to say yea or nay, like it or hate it.


    1. They shouldn’t be allowed to inform us about laws. Utterly subjective, without any internal means of determining accurate interpretation, the result is nothing more than might makes right. I wrote about this problem in “There Is No True Christian.”

      You’re right, it is personal. I’d like it if religion was completely removed from marriage legal in situation. Want a priest/pastor ceremony? Fine. Do so. But it has absolutely no legal weight at all.


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