The incessant assault upon a woman’s ability to choose what to do with her body and the vilification of any woman’s desire for empowerment is an unconscionable stain upon the conservative movement and those who support it.


Rape - WarSexual assault and forced pregnancy have always been instruments of war; but the “war on women” is not a war. It’s just assault, straight up.    

The so-called ‘war on women’ is not a war; it’s a one-sided assault. It is conservative men, drunk on power, calling women sluts and then rolling up their sleeves and knocking us back into place. It is conservative men letting us know that they own our bodies and reproductive capacity, which according to the Bible have been theirs since the Iron Age. It is conservative men making damned sure that women get punished for failing to keep our legs together—for daring to pursue intimacy and sexual pleasure on our own terms and without their permission. It is conservative men ignoring our pleas that we don’t want to be pregnant and denying us the ability to resist impregnation as deliberately and aggressively as if they…

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