Great basics on accepting internal responses that seemingly come out of nowhere. Also see “Yes These Are the Emotions You’re Looking For.”


Did you know that anything can become a trigger for your brain’s fear response? A smell. A stuffed animal. A song. A picture. Even the most innocent things can become the cue for your brain to prepare your body for survival.

When your brain is processing whatever that object or experience is at the same time as a threat, the two get fused together.

As the neuroscientist’s say “neurons that fire together, wire together” (first coined by Carla Shatz).  In other words, because the neurons processing that object/experience were firing at the time of threat, they will continue to be connected- until you train your brain to believe otherwise.

And this happens completely outside your awareness. It’s an automatic process meant to protect you from danger.

So maybe you hear that song or see fuzzy monkeybear… and the only thing you’re aware of is intense panic, rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing. Your body…

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