A courageous voice from one of the people I admire most, who’s expression within life is truly beautiful.

“It’s my biggest hope for anyone reading to find the telling of my life relatable, but a couple notches more honestly than they would have told it. I may have some aspects to my story that are more unique, such as growing up overseas and working jobs that have entangled my life with those of famous people, but the majority of it is all too common. I’ve suffered failed relationships, the death of loved ones, and a childhood and adolescence spent with an alcoholic, abusive father. Telling these tales has become a sense of duty to me—for myself, and because I think it’ll help others.”

Among the things that are overdue in my life, this here blog ranks highly. For mostly cathartic reasons, I’ve needed a home to share my thoughts and stories.

What are those thoughts and stories, and why might you be interested to come back and read them?

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