I consider myself first a humanist, loving and holding sacred the shared humanity that holds us together. In my role as a mental health counselor and Relational Living Mentor I seek to explore with others new ways of living that allow for a greater appreciation for what is possible in their lives. I see nature as an interconnected reality, with beauty and loss, love and hurt, progress and stagnation, all capable of providing the foundation of meaning for transcendent living.

I studied theology and psychology from Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, MI. After, I attended Walden University and earned a master’s in forensic psychology. I have recently finished my master’s in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University and am now licensed as a mental health counselor associate (LMHCA). Throughout this time, before and continuing, I have invested a great deal in broadening my understanding of life through philosophy, religious studies and the psychology of interpersonal dynamics.

I currently work as an Intake Specialist in a community mental health facility, while also providing group therapy on working through anger. I maintain a blog with Life Weavings and have begun writing for the American Counseling Association (ACA) as a blogger.

For over two decades I dwelled in religious fundamentalism and found that while there was meaning to be had, to do so required living a life separated from the best of the human experience. I now practice my own variation of humanism with a buddhist twist, finding an appreciation for the variations of human experience, and a philosophy that dwells on the edge of progressive inquiry. That joy of humanity and the desire of living an integrated life propels me to constantly expand my awareness of a relational universe.

Erich Fromm noted: “There is only one meaning of life: the act of living itself.” We work and play, debate and quarrel, because at core we all want to know more, to see more clearly, to decide with less anxiety. All of this occurs within the flow and flux of the inter-personal existences of which we are in constant contact. None of us need wonder at every layer of existence to effect a positive shift, but we must keep at the forefront of our awareness this hope of realizing a better future, a more open understanding. If I can contribute, through word and deed, in such a way that even a simple shading of difference occurs in the world of which I am a part, then I will have counted myself having lived and lived well.

Through writing and the creation of person-centered mentoring/coaching programs, I teach Relational-ACT. Exploring the principles of Relational-ACT leads to an increased appreciation for how our lives interrelate at all levels of awareness. The goal is the reduction of anxiety and the removal of the limitations imposed by irrational shame and doubt. This leads to cultivating the means of emerging from within our lives more meaningful and open relationships.




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For more information on scheduling a therapy or coaching appointment, you can contact me at (253-315-2139) or through the form below:


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