Living relationally is founded upon an integral view of reality, an interconnected relational whole. Relationship and the stories we tell about ourselves and others is the foundation of our shared humanity. To live well is to dwell without shame, expressing our honest and authentic selves in deep and fulfilling connections. Through exploration of Values, personal Narratives, and connected Behavior, perspective can broaden to hold more of the embodied relational reality through which we breath and create meaning. Can contact at 253-315-2139 (call or text)

Humanity’s Values Podcast

Humanity’s Values is a podcast of Life Weavings, LLC, dedicated to exploring the human experience through a focus on the psychology of relationships. In my role as therapist and Relational Living Mentor I will take you through readings of books and articles that help expand our understanding of what it means to live a relationally-integrated life.

Psychology Journeys (PJs)

Psychology can be confusing, particularly when attempting to wade through all the research and see how it pertains to your life. Psychology Journeys (PJ’s) seeks to make that process easier. Each blog entry will use academic articles and books to address a question about the psychology of our shared humanity, presented in understandable language and without all graphs and numbers of research. Every article and book will be cited for you to follow up with on your own if you desire.

Growing Connections

Each article for Growing Connections will be exploring how Relational-ACT works in life, seeking to address the confusions and struggles we all deal with. Relational-ACT starts with the fundamental unit of existence being that of relationship. We develop our personal experiences, project meaning, construct our stories and manifest our behavior within the relational web of our lives.