Humanity’s Values is a podcast of Life Weavings, LLC, dedicated to exploring the human experience through a focus on the psychology of relationships. In my role as therapist and Relational Living Mentor I will take you through readings of books and articles that help expand our understanding of what it means to live a relationally-integrated life.

My hope in this podcast is to create a relationship with you, one where what I share is not just a reflection of what I believe, but the beginning of a dialogue about what we find important in our lives. For many of us, myself included, we’ve struggled with defining our purpose, wrestled with ideas large and small, and in many different ways, stumbled through that journey weighted down by the rigid structures of religion and other limiting ideologies. I for one was quite happy to leave fundamentalism behind and after several years I realized I could remove the traps of authoritarian systems while also maintaining a love of humanity and a desire to explore questions of meaning and transcendence. I don’t expect that we’ll always be in agreement, but I do bring myself ready and willing to ask questions, explore ideas and dive into what we Value.

This is spiritual without spirit, meaning and purpose without fundamentalism, always with our shared humanity front and center. At the end of each show there will be a short mindfulness/meditation exercise that can be expanded for your personal practice.

Further material on the principles of relational living and the therapeutic philosophy of Relational-ACT can be found through the blog, in particular under the categories of “Psychology” and “Growing Connections.”

If you have any questions you would like to have addressed or have a story to share about your journey through relationships and religion, please feel free to send them to . I will respond to each email and if your question or story is selected to be shared on the podcast, I will request your permission to do so and provide a date when it will happen.


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“The Four Agreements”:IMG_1102

1  Beginning the Journey

2  Our Word Binds Us and Sets Us Free

3  How Others See Us and We View Ourselves

4  We Only Know So Much

5  The Present Holds All That Is Possible

6  Growing Through Awareness and Forgiveness

Interpersonal Psychology

7  Channeling Reality through Identity

Link: BBC Radio Show “The New World”  with Jan Zalasiewicz. Episode: Nothing but the Truth

Link: Identity Trumps Decency

Link: Political Identity, Relational Loss

8 Working Through Anger Without Losing Your Head

Link: 8 Strategies to Work Through Anger and Resentment

Link: No Belief Stands Alone

9 Forgetting the Individual For the Safety of the Crowd

Link: “The Undiscovered Self” by C.G. Jung

Book List

– follow along in the readings and explore new ideas for living an integrated life

“The Four Agreements” – Don Miguel Ruiz

  • Short and to the point, this is the primary book for the first set of podcast episodes, going through underlying agreements or ways of looking at the world that we’ve passively accepted, and how to overcome them.

“Radical Acceptance” – Tara Brach

  • A profoundly important guide to living in the moment, pausing in the present, and appreciating the lack of shaming judgment that such stillness brings. The past still matters and we are still aware of moving into the future, but doing so from a solid ground of reflection and humility will bring peace rather than anxiety over what could have been or what should happen. A powerful help for any struggling through depression, anxiety and for any wishing to live a fuller life.

“Care of the Soul” – Thomas Moore

  • An exploration of life and the difficulties we all deal with, through the lens of mythology.

“Stages of Meditation”

  • Written by the current Dalai Lama, a step-by-step discussion of Buddhist meditation practices.

“Constructive Psychotherapy” – Michael J. Mahoney

  • Fundamental to my own therapeutic practice, this is a great overview of constructive therapy, including mindfulness exercises and forms for therapists in their practice.

“Fierce Conversations” – Susan Scott

  • Written primarily for the business leader, the principles within are excellent for all of us as we seek to increase the quality of our dialogue and pursue greater authenticity in our relationships.