Living relationally is founded upon an integral view of reality, an interconnected relational whole. Relationship and the stories we tell about ourselves and others is the foundation of our shared humanity. To live well is to dwell without shame, expressing our honest and authentic selves in deep and fulfilling connections. Through exploration of Values, personal Narratives, and connected Behavior, perspective can broaden to hold more of the embodied relational reality through which we breath and create meaning. Can contact at 253-315-2139 (call or text)

Coaching through Relational-ACT

Life doesn’t always have to be looked at though the lens of mental illness, sometimes what we struggle with is essential reframing of our experiences and encouragement to name and pursue the goals we’ve set out to reach. Coaching is for when therapy seems a bit too much and you’re looking for someone to walk beside you.

Relational-ACT is first and foundationally concerned with Values and how they manifest in the self-narratives that are our social identities. Often we get so caught up in our Values only being shown through particular behavior that the way we deal with adversity is limited. We are then actively diminishing our capacity to express our potential.

The principles here represent the journey that mentoring will help support:

  1. My Values direct attention to what is important to me.
  2. I evaluate my experiences and determine my behavior through a self-narrative or perspective.
  3. Every perspective is constructed through the relationships that form my interconnected life.
  4. My behavior is a response to circumstance and can be changed by expanding my perspective.

The benefits of acknowledging and working on these principles are three-fold:

  1. Experience inner peace through eliminating destructive self-talk, shame and guilt.
  2. Explore personal freedom through learning your inner potential.
  3. Expand relational expression by building deeper and more fulfilling relationships.



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Want more immediate support? Don’t have the time for a longer coaching session? Help reduce stress and reframe an upcoming experience with short-term coaching:

“Mind Adjustment” (MAd)

Mind Adjustment’s or MAd’s accept the reality of a busy life and are ready for when you need the help most. Need a quick check-in about your ideas before that big meeting? Want help finding your center before seeing the family? Seeking calm when faced with a feeling of being overwhelmed? MAd’s are 10-15 minute mindfulness-based coaching exercises to help remind you that your life is full of the answers you seek.

“Mobile MAd”

  1. Email format, up to three responses a week to questions.
  2. Responses will be letter-length and include resources for further reading.


Sessions can be in-person if time and distance permit, or can be done online (Skype, etc.) or on phone. I practice therapy in the state of Washington and can provide coaching there as well as anywhere technology will allow us to connect. Contact me by calling or texting (253-315-2139) or through the form below for more information, including scheduling your first session.